Bullion Oil & Gas

Bullion Group is operating within the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Segments of the Nigerian Oil & Gas Value Chain and aims to be a major brand recognized for professionalism, excellence, and delivery of high-value products & services. Our primary focus is on identifying opportunities along the Nigerian Gas value chain and applying innovative gas optimization, and last mile technologies to unlock the values therein. Bullion partners with credible stakeholders including world class engineering firms and project advisers to deliver first class projects and ensure sustainability of its value propositions. Bullion Gas is the downstream arm of Bullion Group established for the marketing and distribution of cooking gas and automotive fuel gas in Nigeria.
Cooking Gas Automotive Gas What we offer Our Products

The Gas Franchise is called UBERGas™ which is a dedicated on-demand platform for ordering and delivery of cooking gas to homes and commercial end-users in Abuja and other key cities in Nigeria.

UBERGas™ also operates a network of Autogas and CNG Retail outlets for provision of clean burning fuels to AFVs (Alternative Fuel Vehicles). • 24-7 Gas Delivery • Gas Distribution Franchise • Gas Cylinders and Accessories • Home / Estate Gas Reticulation • Bulk Supply • Autogas and CNG
  • Promoting a Switch to Cleaner Energy!
  • Round the clock access to Cooking Gas!
  • Safer Cylinders!
  • Right Quantity!
  • Right Price!
  • Better Value!
  1. Cooking Gas On-Demand
  2. Alternative Fuels for Vehicles
    • Autogas
    • CNG
  3. Mini Gas Networks
    • Residential Estates
    • Commercial

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